Five Stars for Companion Extraordinaire!!!

In circumstances of stress and uncertainty for family members addressing the needs of elderly parents, the importance of a caregiver is magnified tenfold. There are many providers out there, but to find one that shows compassion, dedication, expertise, reliability and understanding is, indeed, rare. I, very fortunately, found such a provider in Companion Extraordinaire and Dawn Beninghove. After a disappointing and frustrating experience with another provider, with instances of substandard care, I was thankfully referred to Dawn. She and her colleagues at Companion Extraordinaire took a difficult and trying situation to one where their genuine concern relieved the burden and allowed both my mother and me to rest easier. I can’t accurately describe in words how phenomenal Companion Extraordinaire is, but can say that, after my poor prior experience, I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Anyone in the Richmond area in need of home health service is well advised to look no further than Dawn and her colleagues at Companion Extraordinaire.

Article by cenninc