Companion Extraordinaire strives to prioritize the safety of our employees and clients. Here at Companion Extraordinaire, we have a COVID-19 Task Force in place that meets regularly to assure our business is keeping up to date on the newest information available for COVID-19 and to ensure we are abiding by all CDC guidelines set forth for healthcare.

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Introductory Gift > $5 Gas Card

Just for joining the online learning platform you get a $5 Gas Card. Your one-time FREE gift just for registering. Congratulations on your progress!
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5,000 Points > $25 VISA Debit Card

Redeem 5,000 points for a $25 VISA gift card you can pick up at the Companion Extraordinaire office.
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10,000 Points > Take a Half Day Off Work

Take a half-day off work and receive a full paycheck. 10,000 points will get you special time away. Start planning your special day.
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20,000 Points > Take a Full Day Off Work

Take a full day off work and receive a full paycheck. 20,000 points will get you a leisurely 4-day weekend with family and friends.
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Registered Nurses, through their knowledge and experience, are expertly able to help individuals navigate their care needs and guide them through coordination of all the integral pieces of Senior Care