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Browse feedback from our wonderful employees and review their experiences with their managers, coworkers, as well as our clients. Have you had an amazing experience with working with Companion Extraordinaire? We’d love to hear your story and share it here. Email your story to our Community Relations Manager at pwilliams@cenninc.com. Are you interested in joining our team? Browse our job openings.


What Our Employee Are Saying

“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for four years at Companion Extraordinaire. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have to move on. Thanks for the support you have given me during my time here. I had some wonderful experiences that I will never forget. I am grateful for being able to work with some amazing people. I am also grateful for the clients, especially the one I have been with for six years. I will truly miss everyone. Thanks again Dawn Beninghove for everything.”

Shirley B— Companion Extraordinaire Staff Member in Transition

Companion Extraordinaire’s Ambassador Class has taught me how to lead. I love what I’m doing. We’re meant to care for people. and to put a smile on their face. I always see all my clients as family and I love them all. Companion Extraordinaire as a family-oriented organization. I appreciate that there is no discrimination, and that I work with all types of individuals from different parts of the world. I am comfortable and feel at home. My voice is heard here at Companion Extraordinaire. The staff here is allowed to be who they want to be. We are one big family. Companion Extraordinaire is a company who is who they say they are. Those seeking a position will be welcomed to the family. They will see that our team is compassionate in nature and that we are extraordinary people. Rest assured that when you are with Companion Extraordinaire you will achieve whatever you want to achieve; and if you want to go higher, nobody’s stopping you.”

Bukky O.—Team Leader Companion Extraordinaire

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“I love working at Companion Extraordinaire. My clients are just so wonderful. I love and care for all of my co-workers too. Not long ago, I was having a mini stroke and I didn’t know. I finished my shift, and came home. The next morning I went to the ER. Miss Dawn checked up on me. She is an excellent employer and cares about the well-being of her Care Pros. CNAs, CPAs… We are a happy little family. Come on in and join us.”

Marcia H.—PCA Companion Extraordinaire

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“I always have fun and learn so much. In this field you learn every day…. Customer service, health-related dementia, fall prevention…. Companion Extraordinaire is a nice place to work. This team has been my family since day one. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Yajaira N.—CarePro Companion Extraordinaire

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“The Companion Extraordinaire office staff has really helped me grow in my field. I’m glad they have a lot of patience with me. My experiences with my long-time client is like a treasure chest that I will keep that forever. He was like a grandfather. I learned many things from him. The song, “You Are My Sunshine”, always reminds me of my client everywhere I go. I’m getting goosebumps. That was our theme song. When you join Companion Extraordinaire, they will give all their love and all their knowledge to help you grow in this special field.”

Paolo M.—CarePro Companion Extraordinaire

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“I have spent so much time with my clients. It is as if I have taken on new family members. You love them just like they are your family. My clients and I have done everything together: hair appointments, grocery shopping, cleaning up the house, etc… I am involved in all of their daily-life activities. You don’t expect to get that connected to strangers… but you do. You never forget that type of connection. That’s what really drew me to continue my journey with Companion Extraordinaire. I didn’t want to be a nurse… it kind of just happened. I was with Companion Extraordinaire for so long, and felt I wanted to do more. One day after work, I went to a local college and I sat for almost two hours talking with one of the directors. It felt like a good fit. Companion Extraordinaire is different from any other company that I’ve worked for. I am encouraged to grow. Everyone is encouraged to do their best. It makes a big difference. Companion has been by my side since the day I walked in the door for my interview at 18 years old. Companion is not just a job. You are taking on family, friendships… and these things are forever. If you decide to move on, you carry with you a wealth of skills and confidence gained from being part of this wonderful team.”

Kristinia Z.— CarePro, Companion Extraordinaire

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“My comfort with Companion Extraordinaire comes down to the fact that I’m not alone. I know who I am, what I can do, and what I can’t do. The importance of having an ancillary personnel makes all the difference to me. There’s always somebody available by phone. They’re there. To me that makes a difference. It makes me feel comfortable. If you don’t know what you’re looking for in a company, why not go where there’s kind people that are always available to assist you?”

Edna P.— PCA Companion Extraordinaire

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