Dawn & Yaya are interviewed by WBTK
NOVEMBER 2022 | TT 12:08
Yaya outlines employment opportunities available in the Ashland, Lakeside, Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield area with an emphasis on the need for Spanish speaking caregivers.
An Opportunity for Leadership with Bukky Ogunade
AUGUST 2022 | TT 24:44
Dawn Beninghove interviews PCA, team leader, and mentor Bukky Ogunade. She shares her career journey from Africa as medical manager and how her leadership skills have carried through to current opportunities at CENNINC.
“I Just Want to Be Helpful” with Mary Jackson
AUGUST 2022 | TT 22:05
Dawn Beninghove interviews long-time employee Mary Jackson. She shares her career journey as record keeper, receptionist to a very full time caregiver to caregivers.
An Instructor’s View of Company Education— Ann Pryor, RN
JULY 2022 | TT 16:38
Dawn Beninghove interviews staff coordinator, Ann Pryor, RN on the range of training and classes offered at in hybrid, online and in-person options.
Marcia Harris, a PCA’s Personal Story about Stroke
JULY 2022 | TT 11:16
Dawn Beninghove interviews Marcia Harris as she shares her story of the complexity a caregiver faces when they experience their own health issues. Timely response is critical.
JoAnn Glenn Talks About Longevity
JUNE 2022 | TT 15:15
Dawn Beninghove interviews and reminisces friend, sister-in-law and early core employee of Companion xtraordinaire, Joanne Glenn.
A New Career for a Bilingual Care Provider with Yajaira Norwood
JUNE 2022 | TT 14:20
Dawn Beninghove interviews PCA “Yaya”. She shares how other employers convinced her to come on board, and how she learns from her clients everyday.
Paolo Moyani, CNA: Top Ten Aide in the Nation
January 2022 | TT 14:53
Dawn Beninghove interviews Home Care Pulse National Award-Winning Nursing Assistant, Paolo Moyani of Companion Extraordinaire.
It Takes Courage to Find Your Voice w/ Chaponika Archer
JANUARY 2022 | TT 14:07
The Home Care Companion Featuring special guest Chaponika Archer, 30-year caregiver, shares her story about finding her voice.
Kristina Zimmerman: A Caregiver’s Journey
January 2022 | TT 12:53
The Home Care Companion interviews Licensed Nurse, Kristina Zimmerman as she shares her educational and career growth overcoming family challenges.
An Interview with Edna Palmer, PCA: CENNINC’s Most Requested Aide
JUNE 2022 | TT 25:39
Dawn Beninghove interviews Edna Palmer. She shares her career history, her journey with CENNINC, and a personal story about her veteran brother.
A Companion Extraordinaire Client and His Aide Share Their Story
JUNE 2022 | TT 20:01
Dawn Beninghove interviews caregiver, Juanita, and client Mr. Abbott through three years of adventures: a surprise party, a garden luncheon, and more.
Client, Dick Abbott Talks About Finding Care for His Wife & Himself
JUNE 2022 | TT 14:20
The Home Care Companion talks with client, Dick Abbott, about his journey finding care for his wife as well as arranging his own personal care.
Amanda Metz, on Longevity with Companion Extraordinaire
JUNE 2022 | TT 13:11
Dawn Beninghove interviews veteran employee, Amanda Metz, who started as office administrator, graduated as PCA, and performed every role in between
There are Truly Great People in the RVA Area
DECEMBER 2021 | TT 11:11
Dawn Beninghove of Companion Extraordinaire joined The Jeff Katz Show to talk about how at this time of the year we should think about one extra step for our family.
What Every Alzheimer’s Caregiver Needs to Know
MARCH 2021 | TT 29:16
The Home Care Companion Featuring special guest, Kim Hendrickson Leffler, author of “A Turn for the Better!
Senior Safety: Project Lifesaver Brings Them Home
FEBRUARY 2021 | TT 23:38
The Home Care Companion Featuring special guest, Sgt. Tim Sutton, officer Virginia’s Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.
Alzheimer’s and Dementia: What to Expect After the Holidays: Part 1
JANUARY 2021 | TT 15:01
The Home Care Companion Featuring special guest Marianne Johnson, retired program director for Richmond Alzheimer’s Association and author.
Alzheimer’s and Dementia: What to Expect After the Holidays: Part 2
JANUARY 2021 | TT 07:01
The Home Care Companion Featuring special guest Marianne Johnson, retired program director for Richmond Alzheimer’s Association and author.
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