Companion Extraordinaire strives to prioritize the safety of our employees and clients. Here at Companion Extraordinaire, we have a COVID-19 Task Force in place that meets regularly to assure our business is keeping up to date on the newest information available for COVID-19 and to ensure we are abiding by all CDC guidelines set forth for healthcare.
Enhancing the
quality of life
for seniors and
their families


Boutique Care

Boutique Care is all about personalized care that is tailored to clients who have an active, high-energy lifestyle. Our care providers not only engage and participate in high-energy activities with the client such as the gym or social commitments, but provide unique companionship as well.

Boutique Care helps clients enjoy their time, through community activities which enhance their quality of life and elevates their spirits. It’s a distinctive approach that considers the physical, cognitive, emotional and social aspects of aging. This approach fortifies their sense of purpose and control by building long lasting personal relationships as a unique solution to care.

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