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Student Testimonials

Browse feedback from our students and review their experiences with our instructors, as well as our training, testing and certification programs. Have you had an amazing experience with Companion Extraordinaire training programs? We’d love to hear your story and share it here. Email your story to our Community Relations Manager at pwilliams@cenninc.com. Are you interested in our training program? Visit our Classes page and begin by filling out the Student Application.


What Our Students Are Saying

“I can’t thank you enough for the greatest experience of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Every instructor did an outstanding job. The graduation was very touching. I know my daddy is very proud. He was my first inspiration through his illness. He showed me the way. I will miss you all but I will keep in touch.”

Sarah S.—CE CNA Graduate Student

“The whole staff has been amazing. Carol and Ann are the best teachers ever. They are all very kind and understanding.”

Janet N.—CE PCA Student

“CENN is a good environment for learning.”

Amanda E.—Pleased CE Student

“Yall are so nice and understanding. Ya’ll really take your time to make sure we understand everything.”

Kassidi S. —Grateful CE Student

“I loved every part of the class. Everything was hands on.”

Katrina E.—CE PCA Student

“I loved the hands on training and extra support with the testing questions.”

Tanya—CE PCA Student

“I really felt good about the class and the positive atmosphere.”

Evelyn S.—CE PCA Student

“I really enjoyed the class—especially the teacher and my classmates.”

Leticia M.—Happy CE Student

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