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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I could not ask for better caregivers. They make my days easier and are great company.”

Barbara C—Enjoying Care and Comfort

“My caregiver does a very good job. She is attentive to my needs and does not shy away from her job.”

Darrel D.—Another Happy Client

“The Care Pro services I receive are very good!”

George B.—Feeling Thankful

“I could not be happier with the care my mother is receiving. My mother lights up when any of her Care Pros arrive. They know exactly how to care and interact with her.”

Holly—A Daughter at Ease

“Raymond was in so much pain that last night Nikki was here. She never took her eyes off of him. It was such a comfort and a relief for both of us to have Nikki here.”

Mrs. Harris—A Comforted Companion

“My family is very pleased with the care our mother is receiving from Marcia, Carrie, and Edna. All three CarePros are attentive to my mother’s needs. I believe the welfare of my mother is very important to each of them.”

Thank You from Our Family to Yours

“The staff at Companion Extraordinaire are professional, caring and accommodating. The caregiver is reliable, compassionate, and very helpful. She listens and anticipates needs. She is very understanding and attentive to my husband and his day-to-day care. I am very pleased with the care she provides and the services Companion Extraordinaire provides.”

Alice—A Happy Mate

My very good friend is a client of Companion Extraordinaire. I had to stop into your office today and let you know that my friend’s caretaker is so attentive, kind and takes such good care of her. Your Care Pro brought along a raincoat in case of rain at a recent outing and also took extra care at the buffet selecting just the right foods and placing them on a small plate that my friend could manage. It means so much to me to see my friend so well taken care of. I am grateful Companion Extraordinaire is so particular in the hiring and training of their caregivers.

Pat —Thank You from an Appreciative Friend

“Last summer I wanted to go to Puerto Rico for a salsa dance competition but my dad has Pleurx Catheter that needs daily tending. I drove by the Companion Extraordinaire office and impulsively pulled in. Once I walked in, I had a total meltdown… I started to cry. Everyone was super kind to me. I spoke to RN Annette. She provided the comfort and reassurance I needed so that I could go on my trip. Annette texted me with daily detailed updates. I enjoyed 5 days away. I will never forget Companion Extraordinaire or RN Annette.”

Kelly—A Dancing Daughter

“Our regular CarePro was vacationing and her temporary replacement, Lucille, filled in. She was a big hit with our family. We would love to request Lucille as a regular CarePro replacement anytime this happens again.”

The Grateful Bailey Family

“I would like to personally send a “Thank You” to the Companion Extraordinaire staff for the attention to detail and wonderful care received by my husband on such short notice. Angela was there one day and Mary for the next two days; they made it happen. They were an absolute Godsend to both of us as I was laid up with problems with my neck and could hardly move myself. I did not have to worry about my husband’s care. Thank you to you and your staff for not only doing their job but for going above and beyond the call of duty.”

A Wife & Husband in Recovery

“Our family is very pleased with the care our mother is receiving from CarePros: Marcia, Carrie, and Edna. All three are attentive to my mother’s needs. I believe the welfare of my mother is very important to all of them. She said Marcia is very good at diffusing situations when they arise. Carrie makes sure her mother has everything she wants and needs and Edna once is taking very good care of mother.”

Triple Happiness

“The staff at Companion Extraordinaire are professional, caring and accommodating. The caregiver is reliable, compassionate, and very helpful. She listens and anticipates needs. She is very understanding and attentive to my husband and his day-to-day care. I am very pleased with the care she provides and the services Companion Extraordinaire provides.”

A Big Thank You—From Alice

“Thank you to the Companion Extraordinaire scheduling department for sending such an excellent Care Pro to my home. She knew exactly what to do and was very helpful and kind. I look forward to seeing her again in the future.”

A Relaxed & Recovered Mrs. U

“I’ve had a variety of Companion Extraordinaire caregivers over the last 2.5 years and I am very pleased with their services. They were so good and I miss them. Some of the caregivers even got my sense of humor. They helped me with everything from cooking, to straightening up, to toileting. I had to remind them that I could pick up a pencil because they would always try and do everything for me. Thank you so very much for your company. “

From Pat— A Satisfied Client

“My husband and I are so pleased with Brenda. She has been working with us for one year. Brenda is hardworking which allows me to take regular much-needed breaks.”

A Grateful and Refreshed Wife

“Thank you for our Companion Extraordinaire caregiver, Dorothy! Her care of my mother, Ann, is exceptional. Dorothy is very observant with her medical needs and very often sees things our doctor doesn’t even notice. Her caring attitude and sense of humor is priceless!”

A Grateful Daughter—Jayne

“Bonnie has been working with my dad for several years now and she has truly become part of our family! She goes above and beyond to make sure he is taken care of and that he is getting the best care possible. She has such a kind heart and truly loves what she does… It shows! So glad that I found Companion Extraordinaire and Bonnie!!”

A Daughter’s Joy—Rachael

“All of the Care Pros you send me are very good… the best. Juanita is the VERY best. Thank you for sending her to me. She has amazing skills… She can cook, clean and she has my flower garden looking very nice. I would recommend your services to anyone. I’m so glad you sent me Juanita.”

A Happy Camper— Barbara

“Your care aide, Donna works with my husband who was paralyzed recently. She brings a ray of sunshine every time she comes through our door. She has won his admiration and trust, which I might add is not an easy thing to do. She gently guides him through tasks at hand and helps to keep him to stay upbeat and positive. She continues to be a great companion for him and we are most pleased with her personality, and professionalism. You should be very proud to have caregivers like Donna. She has been a blessing to us and we are glad she’s part of our team here as well. Please let her know how much we value and appreciate her.”

Winning Teammate Found

“Thank You for the wonderful people you have working for you and their attention to detail and care. Angela and Mary were an absolute Godsend to both my husband and I during a challenging time. My husband needs extra help but I was laid up and could hardly move myself. With the personal aide’s superior skills in our home, I could relax and recover and did not have to worry about my husband’s care. Please thank your team for going above and beyond the call of duty.”

A Thankful Recovering Couple

“Our family wants to acknowledge Carrie’s excellent care services. She pays close attention to my parents’ needs… both emotionally and physically. Carrie is thoughtful about my Dad’s desire to be outside. She spends time walking with my Dad, sitting with him by the pool and listening to him talk about his early career and personal travels (even if it has been repeated many times). Carrie gives equal attention to my Mother. She cooks meals, keeps the house clean and fresh smelling and makes sure my Mom is comfortable at all times. Mom’s skin is moisturized and her clothing is selected with care. Carrie greets me with a smile and a “how-can-I-help attitude” every time I visit my parents. It has been helpful when she accompanies my parents to their appointments. She assists getting them in and out of the car and to and from the destination. Please know that we really appreciate her. Carrie has a beautiful heart.”

An Appreciative Family

“I’m a client who is very grateful for the Personal Care Aide you sent me. Torri is such a hardworking and professional employee.”

A Client with Improved Quality of Life

“Paolo is a joy. When my husband is in
Paolo’s care, I get to run my errands and I have peace-of-mind knowing my husband will be well cared for. I don’t know how I would get through my days if Paolo was not here.”

Carol—A Grateful Wife & Homemaker

“We’ve tried many services and Brenda
with Companian Extraordinaire is the best care provider we have ever hired. I trust Brenda with my husband and that really matters! Brenda also raves about the training she gets with CENN.”

Extraordinarily Content—Mrs. C

“Dawn, Thank you for your truly extraordinary service to my wife. Your quick and thoughtful responsiveness to my wife’s needs was great.”

A Loving Husband

“I can say I have met precious few companions who have impressed me as much as these two. They are constantly interacting with the client, and they both just exude compassion!”

Rehabilitation Physical Therapist

“My sincere thanks to you and Virginia for a great first day! My dad and my mom expressed great joy for the first time in a while! You are truly a gift from God!”

A Son’s Testimonial

“I was most pleased with the service I received while I was recovering from a broken ankle.  My service provider could not have been more pleasant in dealing with the various problems that were presented to us.”

A Recuperated Client

“I received every courtesy from the people who answered the phone and others who interacted with me during my recovery period. I highly recommend Companion Extraordinaire for personal care service.”

Marilyn—an Appreciative Client

“Annette came several times to assist me after my two surgeries. She was very professional and truly cared about my situation. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone.

Thomas—a Happy Client

“Annette drove me to and from the hospital. She stayed during my surgery and helped me settle in upon my return. I had complications post surgery and Annette promptly returned me to the ER. Thanks to her, I am on my way to recovery.”

Mark—A Happy Recovering Client

“From the bottom of my heart, and certainly from the hearts of all my family, thank you for every little thing you did for Mom.”

A Family with Full Hearts

“Companion Extraordinaire comes equipped with a pair of Angel Wings.”

A Client Who Feels Loved

“We could still be his daughters, we weren’t his full-time caregivers. That is the blessing.”

Thankful Full-Time Daughters

“My sisters and I knew that the Companion Extraordinaire teams was caring for our Dad the same way we would.”

Appreciative & Relieved Daughters

“Thank you to Danyell, Shirley, Lisa, Jenny, Dorothy, and all the others who took great care of our mother. You enriched her life and she loved you all!”

Cathy Ann


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